Your Journey Begins...

In a world of endless night, the tail of a red comet across the sky heralds strange and delightful things.  An omen of the coming.  But the coming of whom...or what?  

Strangers come to the world of Erebus on a wave of chance, a cloud of fate, and riding on the tail of bloody destiny.   

Welcome to GoE!  As someone new to these shores, allow me some to illuminate your way in these dark and dangerous times.

New players coming into the world of Erebus should be aware of the following:

  •  Any character may come into Erebus at any time and in any place.  An empty field, the dark corner of the tavern, an empty road.  It is up to you to decide where and when your character first makes their appearance in Erebus.
  • Characters join the world of Erebus bearing whatever they were currently holding at the moment they were transported.  Hitmen might find themselves without their trusty rifle if they were transported one night while asleep in bed.  They might also find themselves fully loaded if they were out on a "job."  Take this into consideration when listing your character's items on their sheet.
  • Characters joining the world of Erebus must be from the past or IC present day.  In the game, the year is 3034, but "the past" only counts for OOC present day. No time in our real-life future.
  • If your character has needs, wants or wishes, you should list those. Or at the very least keep in mind that there are certain NPCs who would love the opportunity of making wishes come true.. for a price. These NPCs are also available to do "soft" enchantments.
  • What are soft enchantments? Soft enchantments are magic things that do not involve rolls and are for role play and story only. This can be something as simple as unburning flames on a sword for some pizzazz, a character being able to change their hair or eye color at will or emotion, or even some naughty enchantment ideas to make play more fun.
In addition, here are some constants when entering the IC world:
  • No one knows where or when the newcomers will arrive except those who specifically have the gift for it.  It's as unpredictable as the weather.
  • The color red is associated with the stranger's entrance into the world of Erebus.  A red comet, a blood red night sky, the waters surrounding Erebus turning the color of blood.  
  • New players, please speak with an OP or ST when entering the world of Erebus to make sure that the scene is set properly.  We wouldn't want your arrival to be anything less than spectacular.  ** Players who have been through a character intro before, please be sure to just include this scene addition when posting your character's debut post (No OP or ST necessary).


Touch me Baby...

Mortals in the world of Erebus are broken down into two categories.  Touched and Untouched.


Mortals of this nature are aware of the creatures that are around them.  They see the supernaturals for what they are, and are therefore sometimes privy to the inner workings of certain species.  Mortals of this kind are generally used for some greater purpose, be it serving as a ghoul, a servant, whore, blood-whore, etc.  If your mortal is Touched, then you'll need to have some explanation as to why.  

During the game an Untouched mortal can become Touched by the following:


  • Being kissed by a supernatural creature.
  • Partaking in the food at Bannerman Castle.  However, they must continue to eat this food at least once every 24 hours to maintain the awareness.  If they don't, then the spell is lifted, and they find themselves believing that everything has just been a dream, and they'll go back to seeing the world around them as a mundane mortal infested world.



Mortals of this nature are out of "the know."  They have no idea of what's lurking around them.  To them, they are surrounded my normal, ordinary, average mortals just like them.  They are kept in the dark and have no knowledge of the world they're trapped in.

During the game a Touched mortal can become Untouched by the following:


  • Eating the food at Bannerman Castle, then neglecting to do so again within a 24-hour period.  This breaks the spell of enlightenment, and they are again cast down into the dark, forgetting what monsters are waiting in the murky depths of these dangerous waters.