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This is what we need to do, as in us OPs, but players are welcome to chip in if they let it be known that they want to.

  1. Add "Origin" to each sheet with the options of "Native" "Outsider" or "Newcomer"
  2. Remove the HTML format option until we have the sheet designs set.
  3. Make an "All stats" page that is a list of all basic starter stats for all races.
  4. Format the sheets to be JUST the sheets in one category, and take the race information and put it in a new category labeled "Race Information" with each thread listing the Race name and containing the information of that race.
  5. Pick a time and day for session-based RP.
  6. Make a spot for the NPCs to be listed and info about them made, though not sheeted like PCs.
  7. Finish the Disciplines!!

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