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Merits, Flaws, Sheet Stats and Disciplines

  1. Do you require the Gift of Proteus merit to choose the fight and flight forms for the Gangrel Clan?

    Yes. The default is wolf and bat, other choices and options require the merit as well as the environmental and historical accuracy of the reason behind the different species.

  2. Don't I get to pick my Gangrel's Mark of the Beast when they frenzy?

    Nope. Ops do, because we don't want anyone forcing frenzy to get certain animal features.

  3. How does the Common Sense Merit work for this room?

    Good question! The Common Sense Merit allows STs and Ops to give tips and information your character should know in certain situations, at THEIR discretion. You may ask some questions and get some answers. However, you will not get any information on potential outcomes or on what to have your character say. Play your character as an individual, with their own thoughts, actions and reactions to what goes on around them. This merit can also be negated by the character knowing they're doing wrong and/or the player ignoring the ST/Ops' words, because that simply goes against common sense.

  4. How does the Merit Oracular Ability work for this room?

    In GoE, this merit is active at the ST/Ops' discretion. No, you do not see supernatural beings or touch someone or something and know about it instantly. What this merit is used for is insight into events, SLs and some supernatural happenings. They often come in the form of flashes of images or omens and symbols in visions that can be interpreted into a message of sorts dealing with the past, future or present. It's a merit that lets you have the chance for some inside information and step into SLs easier without necessarily needing to know most of what's going on.

  5. So what about the "Age" background?

    So long as it's not abused by players, it's open for buying and use.

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  1. How do I delete a thread from the forum?

    Just post the link you want deleted to an Op. We'll take care of the rest.

  2. Why can't I edit my sheet?

    The webs.com forums only allow for sheets to be edited within the first 10mins of being created. If you need to edit, just reply to your thread with the needed edits and tell an OP.

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  1. Can ghouls and vampires tell blood types and what kind of blood it is, like kindred or human by smelling it?

    No, but there is a merit for it. Only Elders have blood potent enough to be smelled by ghouls and kindred when it's fresh and untainted.


  2. Can I play an already existing character's childe or ghoul?

    Yes! Simply ask IC if anyone is interested in having that roll fulfilled. Even the NPCs can have childer or ghouls and that can help bring you into play, since the NPCs are actually played often. Just make sure you ask first so something can be worked out.

  3. Can my childe gain flaws or merits from me?

    Yes! It is possible for childer to gain flaws and merits from their sire through embrace. When a vampire creates a childe, the blood shared is of their own as well as their clan and their sires' line. This is why merits and flaws vary between vampires but can also be similar.

  4. Can ghouls have merits or flaws that are clan-specific?

    Some, yes. It depends on the merit or flaw in question, but due to the vitae, it is possible for a ghoul to gain certain merits and flaws from the blood they drink.

  5. How many ghouled pets can my kindred character have? Do they cost anything extra?

    As many as they can handle, and no. But they do still require blood to stay ghouled and the proper skills to handle them.

  6. If my kindred character is ____yrs old then can it stand to reason they could have an extinct animal as a pet? Like a Tasmanian Tiger?

    You would have to explain this in great detail in the original character creation BG or in a lengthy story on the forum about how such a pet was acquired. Please note that even if these are done and posted/submitted, a pet like that would still need approval after we see what you've written, to know if your character and you could handle the responsibility of the animal in the IC world, such as feeding it and keeping it out of the public eye or incidents that have happened with it previously. Also, if for any reason your character is detained and you have this pet, if feeding time comes for the ghouled creature and the character is not there for it, it will die.

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  1. I'm new to VtM, can I still play?

    YES! You don't need to know much to play. We have the sheets to fill out and guides to help. We can also help you and players like to share their knowledge as well. While the Resource site is in progress, we do have links to all information you'd need to know like the core book for reference. New players tend to be walked through things and get a lot of leeway to understand the rules and systems.

  2. Where'd you get the images for the room from?

    The internet. Most were found while actively browsing google for specific keywords some found accidentally and a few were taken from public pages that are outdated and no longer active, where they too had been searched for and found. We try to not use images that belong to others in that they are not free for use or have been edited or are from a private collection. We do not own ANY of the images and take no claim to copyright.

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  1. Do I really have to read the sites and forum? I just want to play...

    Do you really think this text-based game is the game for you?

  2. If one Op is playing with me and I have a problem or question, should I ask another Op?

    No. There is no IC/OOC mixing with the Ops. You should speak to the Op you're playing with because they know first-hand what's going on in the scene. Anything the Ops are asked, they inform each other about anyway so Op-hopping is not a good thing to attempt and it tends to waste time.

  3. Mun? What's a mun? Why is it Myname-mun?

    Mun refers to the player, so Icarus' player would be Icarus-mun or the player referred to as Icarus' mun. It's simply another way to refer to a player oocly so as not to be confused with their character who's name they play under.

  4. Someone's ranting to me in PM but I don't want to tattle and I haven't told them how it bothers me...

    Tell an OP. We're here to deal with this and nobody should rant on someone who isn't there to hear it. You are not obligated to listen and you will not be a bad person for not listening or being upset or annoyed. No player has the right to release their baggage on you, friend or not. If they are frustrated, they need to deal with it without reducing the fun of others.

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  1. Don't you think it's wrong for a single character to decide how the room reacts, especially when it's an Op?

    It's wrong for anyone except an Op or ST to outright dictate the reaction of the room to a character or event. Ops and STs can use their character to "set the scene" and relay reactions and actions because that is their job. Their character too is just reacting to their environment and if your character is singled out, it's because of a good reason and cause. Ops and STs tend to use the character they're playing to describe the environment and have their character react to it when interacting, to save on having to do separate posts between playing the part of ST "scene setter", Op "information giver" and just being a player. The fact is, when the @ is on, that player is an Op and should be treated like one. The @ comes off and then they're just a player and their character is merely reacting to the world around them.

  2. How much WP can I spend, total?

    The total you can spend is what you have, however once you have 2pts left, your difficulty will go up by one, and go up for each one spent and remain up until you gain your WP back.

  3. I was interacting but nobody likes my character! Why does everything keep going wrong?!

    Like IRL, in role-playing, characters do not always get along. Personalities and ideals clash, as well as attitudes. And just like you should not and do not want to change your character's way of behaving to force interaction, nobody else will change their character either. You have to persevere through it and perhaps switch characters for a bit. Remember, don't take the frustrations IC and OOC. Keep them separate. Although you may get upset, constantly complaining about it won't fix things. This drama is what causes good role-play and some characters have flaws that cause these interactions and situations, such as Overconfident and Blunt Speaker. Also.. one character may see yours as a jerk or more. That's their opinion and they are entitled to it. Don't complain because a character's opinion is just that, an opinion and does not reflect the player's. Just role-play and have fun and deal with the issues IC. It's just a game.

  4. I'm IC and nobody is playing with me. Why?

    Have you tried interacting? Acknowledging other characters? Look over posts and be sure you didn't miss anything. Just like in the real world, if you want to be socialized with, you have to be social and can't always depend on others to make that first step. Just jump in and find a way. Think out of the box and remember, have fun.

  5. What if...

    No. Don't even ask. Even with the Common Sense Merit, no Op or ST will give you what-if's or future information of potential results regarding play. You just have to keep the potential consequences in mind when playing. That's part of the game.

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About the Items in the Game

  1. How many purchases can I make in a day?

    You can make three purchases in one day, total. That's actually a lot really, but it's dwindled unrealistically just because of the rolls and OPs making the additions to your sheets. If five people go on a shopping spree, that's up to 15 items, and can be up to 30 rolls total, and thus 15 sheet revisions with the potential of many changes.

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