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Summary: It's the year 3034 and the modern world as we know it has all but faded, leaving remnants of statues and technology scattered throughout the medieval land. Kindred rule in vast numbers and secrecy from the untouched mortals, who are unaware of the supernatural world in which they live as an endangered species. There is a safe haven for the supernatural within the castle's walls of a small town where they are free to reveal their forms and powers, where touched mortals, those who have witnessed supernatural sightings, are welcomed to observe and live if they are brave enough, although some are held against their will for they have seen too much or are too useful to be counted as expendable. But not all is golden and well for the kindred, or other supernatural beings such as the werewolves, for there are hunters among them, Harbingers of Erebus who have sworn to remove the world of such supernatural taint. Some humans and constructs have taken up hunting tasks, while others have turned their back to their duties and live in alliance or neutrality with the dominating forces.

Some scavenge and collect technology and scraps of history, while others thrive living by arm and sword. The concept of magic is superstitious but believable to mortals, but when they know too much and become touched by the supernatural, they take action, be it capture or death. Some supernatural beings take it upon themselves to protect mankind while others see them as weak and expendable. The real key to survival in any case is knowing who to trust, if anyone, in this world of deception.


Setting: Play mainly takes place within  Bannerman's Castle, a multi-level castle where the supernatural and humankind mingle under the rule of the current Prince, although missions and plots can take the characters elsewhere. We only have one main room for playing but side channels can be created for alternate play.


About the Room: This room is semi-ffrp, meaning that dice rolls are only really used when affecting other characters, for quests and missions, and by request of players and OPs. It's a mix of the WoD Vampire games, and new additions are being made all the time. We've taken the medieval time setting and tossed in bits of technology for a unique experience, combined with items, and all new races for play.


Characters: There are several "races" of characters to choose from, although vampires tend to be the most powerful and reigning force of the land. That said, others can easily rise to power by sheet stats as well as in play through politics and force. As a room, we *want* characters to fight for power and run things in the IC world.


Approval: Although we try to approve as soon as possible, we can't always do it straight away. Just for this purpose, every Wednesday has been set aside specifically for approvals that we may not have gotten to yet. If an OP needs to talk to you or you want to discuss something, Wednesday is the day to do it. Other times we may be busy either with Reality or with running things for other players. As far as approval goes, it's easy. Usually a sheet will be looked over, and questions can be asked to the player or posted as a reply to the sheet. Players also post changes to the sheet in the form of a reply. Once accepted, the sheet is moved to its correct area on the forum and an OP will notify the player when they see them.


Play: When it comes to play, it's on a daily basis. However, we also have storylines and missions on demand as well as private time in case you need an OP to narrate the world for you. In any case, all you need to do is ask! We do take turns posting here, which means that if your character is in the same vicinity as other characters, you need to wait for them to post before you make your next post. This is for fair interaction. However if you are in different areas and are in no way interacting or responding to anothers' action, you don't need to wait and take turns.